The Ultimate FPS LAN Experience. Nothing else remotely comes close. The finest food, import beers, cigars, Sports Bar...
The 2018 PG LAN Tournament Begins December 7th at High Noon!


Thank You for visiting our website! PowersGaming is a unique group of guys who have fun taking the LAN experience to a different level. Every year we hold a competitive FPS tournament in the Lone Star State.


Since 1999, PowersGaming has promoted an opportunity for guys to get together on a yearly basis and have the time of their lives. This is a Gentlemen's Retreat held on private property and financed by private funds.
LAN Tournaments

Now in our 20th year, we've done as many as four events in a twelve month period.  For 2018, we're planning just one in December, so don't miss out on the finest FPS LAN Party ever !

Number of Beers Quaffed

The finest ales, stouts, porters, lagers and IPA's from all over the world. The majority of our beers average 90+ on BeerAdvocate; several are rated 100.

Pounds of Beef Grilled

We're talking USDA Prime Ribeyes custom cut from Whole Foods and grilled on location. Prime Beef Brisket from La Barbecue Austin, authentic Wisconsin Brats just to name a few...




  • 2018 Pre-Registration
    Pre-Registration will go live on Saturday 04/14/18.  You must have at least 5 hours playing time (in the last 12 months) in both Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (link) as well as...
  • 2018 PG LAN Registration
    Registration for the 2018 PG LAN opens Saturday morning 06/16/18, and closes at midnight 11/25/18.  Payment is due at this time (see below).  Those of you who qualified...
  • Sports Bar Construction
    Our detached Sports Bar is a great place to watch live tournament action on our 65" Samsung TV's while quaffing a cold import beer and enjoying a fine cigar. ...
  • Shelves, Tables and Networking
    Since PG LAN events are held in a private residence, with a detached Sports Bar out back, setup is a bit different than your typical LAN Party.  In...
  • 2018 PG Player Draft
    Team Captains will be announced on Sunday 11/25/18.  Registration will close that same day at midnight so we can finalize teams.  Over the next week, Captains will meet online...
  • 2018 PG LAN Tournament
    The 2018 PowersGaming LAN Tournament kicks off at High Noon on Pearl Harbor Day, Friday Dec 07, 2018 in Rockport Texas. Event details and rules can be found here... If...





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  • How We Create Teams
    PowersGaming is dedicated to providing a LAN experience beyond expectation; constantly developing new ideas by which we "one up" our previous events. Whether it be changing...
  • From Console Gamer to PC Gamer
    The "Gaming World" has long been divided into two major factions; Console gamers ("Console Peasants" as some PC guys refer them), and PC gamers...




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