Shelves, Tables and Cat6 Networking

Since PG LAN Tournaments are held in a private residence, with a detached Sports Bar out back, setup is a bit different than your typical LAN Party.  In our case, we empty out the entire house and then hang 24" deep shelves and tables everywhere.  After that, we run 23g Cat6 to each table.

This isn't the kind of LAN where every group of five tables has a switch that connects to another switch which connects to yet another switch and finally the server rack, using noob volunteers who can't tell a Cat6 connector from a Volkswagen V2 Bus :\

Every player enjoys the same connectivity to the main server rack: all homeruns...  Our router/switches in the rack are connected via Duplex Fiber patch cables / SFP Modules.

Installation starts on Saturday morning Nov 09, 2018.  Volunteers arrive on Friday night for some fine dining and a bit of intense gaming/partying.  Diving into our 20th year, it's a shaken not stirred concoction of friends, screw guns, a whole lotta love and... Voila.  You'd be amazed at how fast it all comes together.

Year after year we've been blessed with the same experienced group of Admins who help build out our venue.  Huge Thanks to Eddie, Will and Gina !


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