PG Player Draft

Team Captains will be announced on Saturday 11/18/17..  In the next several weeks, they'll meet and begin the process of hand picking players for their teams.  Based on our own handicap system (detailed here), the "PowersGaming Draft" allots each Captain a certain number of points with which he can use to "purchase" players to build his team.

Good players cost more than mediocre players, and Captains take turns picking until the player pool is empty.  Using individual in-game stats, our handicap system consistently yields balanced teams.

NOTE: Our goal is not to create "winning" teams; instead we endeavor to build teams that provide a pleasurable gaming experience for each player.  If everybody is having fun, and several teams go into overtime, then we've done our job.  This concept brings out the very best in players; all the while teaching good sportsmanship and respect.  As a result, this makes for some seriously even competition.  In the last eight years, we have consistently gone into overtime in one or more games.

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