Over the years, we've been blessed to attend LAN events both large and small, all across the USA.  From NewEgg's LANfests in New York and California, to EverLAN's events in Denver, and of course the Summer/Winter CPL's in our home state.  Team PowersGaming CS:S won or placed in many of these tournaments, including 1st place at the '05 Summer CPL.  Good times...

What we loved about those events was the competition, but between matches, and late at night, things got pretty boring.  And there were other drawbacks: "Hotel Grub" can be downright disgusting and insultingly overpriced.  Hotel rooms were costly as well.  And we had to watch the late night partying so the elderly couple next door wouldn't call security lol.  The price of an import beer in most Hotels could be as much as $12, and smoking a cigar was permissible only if you took a taxi to the nearest 7-11 :\

For our own LAN parties, we wanted all the flair and excitement of the big competitions we'd attended, but without the encumbrances.  So we came up with our own formula that makes our LAN parties exciting from start to finish, and easy on the wallet.  You pay one fee up front and everything else is free.  No surprises.  No gimmicks.  No extras.

On Saturday and Sunday, we compete in CS:GO and Battlegrounds for fun.  Teams are generated by a "handicapped" system based on information you submit.  It doesn't matter whether you're new to the game, or a seasoned pro; teams are mixed.  We have one goal in mind: Fun, and of course.. OVERTIME!

From the moment you arrive, it's non-stop exhilaration.  Paired with homemade meals and ice cold beverages, the finest import beer and cigar selection you've ever seen, this event is a must for all FPS gamers.

So take some time to browse our site, and learn more about who we are and what we do.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Jordan and Jason Powers

Jordan and Jason back in 2000 having just constructed the "Freezah Coolah".   Built using 600 lineal feet of copper refrigeration tubing, this device was installed inside a commercial freezer and pumped racing antifreeze at -38 degrees F to liquid cool and overclock our computers.  Though the copper tubing has long since been recycled, the freezer is still used at our events to store ice.