Seating Charts

2018 Seating Charts Below (Blue Seats Taken / Red Seats Open)


Please Note as our Venue has been Revised...  Although the new house is almost twice the size of our last location, we've lowered the number of players by six.  Changes were made to accommodate traffic patterns, increase sleeping areas and allow for better storage.  Beer (kegs and bottles) will remain in the Sports Bar, while non-alcoholic beverages will locate outside the garage.  Unloading of supplies and computers will port thru garage only.  As we continue to remodel throughout 2018, additional improvements will be forthcoming.


Sitting Area and Loft are actually one large room, tho the floor elevation changes twice (Sitting Area is a step higher than the Mstr Bdrm; Loft is a step higher than Sitting Area).  Because of the difficulty installing shelf supports on sloped ceilings, Tables 27 - 36 will be 40" deep (instead of the usual 24").  So instead of hoisting your systems up on shelves, you'll simply locate them on the new (larger) tables.  Table width remains the same at 48".