Early Registration for 2018 Attendees

Early Registration begins Friday 05/17/19 (for players that attended the 2018 PG LAN), and continues thru Sunday 06/16/19.  Payment is due at this time (see below).  Open Registration (for the General Public) begins on 06/17/19 (here).

IMPORTANT:  Event Rules Have Changed.  Please Read The Entire List Before Registering !  (link)


 We know uncontrollable things can come up now and then -- totally understandable.   But don't buy a seat that you're unsure you'll be able to fill, just on the off chance that you'll be able to make it, and then cancel before the event and try to ask for a refund.

 Based on signups, we place orders for your meals, food items, shirts, beverages, beer and so forth months before the event starts.   More importantly, you'll be picked to play on both a CS:GO and Battlegrounds team.  Should you cancel, it's difficult to find somebody with your exact skill level who can take time off and replace you.   Please Buy Responsibly...

All Package Sales Are Non-Refundable, Including All Cancellations.

 No Cash, Purchase Orders or Checks will be accepted.  You cannot pay at the door.

 American Express/Discover/Visa/MasterCard will be the only forms of payment accepted during Online Signups.

We do NOT accept Paypal, Checks or Cash.

*** Tables Cannot Be Sold or Transferred by Anyone Other Than PowersGaming ***

Thank You For Your Support of Our Events,

Jason and Jordan Powers

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