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    AMD and HardOCP are holding another GamExperience January 21, 2012 in Downtown Dallas at Eddie Deen's Ranch.
    Event info will be posted on hardOCP soon
    AMD and [H] are teaming up again to bring you another outstanding GamExperience event. This time everything is even bigger and better. Almost 20,000 square feet of fun. Battlefield 3 tournament, more demo stations to try out the latest hardware and software, more partners areas and let's not forget the HUGE raffles!

    Registration will begin soon! We will be announcing more tournaments, partners and surprises over the next few weeks.

    When: Saturday, January 21, 2012 10:00am until 6:00pm
    Where: Eddie Deen's Ranch, 944 South Lamar, Dallas, Texas 75202

    Some of the things we plan on doing is live updates, twitter feeds and trying to work out some stream of the event for those who are not lucky enough to come.

    Stay up to date by looking for announcements [H] Forum and the page.
    Sounds like they are going to be showing off the new 7000 series gpu's and bulldozer cpu's. The last event in July was fun they had lots of swag to give away. Each person that showed up got a free tshirt and Ratpadz. It looks like this new venue is a lot bigger then the last one so hopefully they have more stuff going on throughout the day.
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    Who is Eddy Deen?
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    Nice! I'd like to go, but the odds of me getting to go spend a day in Big D the weekend after the LAN are pretty low. My wife's watching my daughter for that weekend so she's not going to want to do it that weekend as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pharacon View Post
    Who is Eddy Deen?
    Looks like some guy who started a restaurant, then grew his business into a event-hosting venue.
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