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    Alan Kertz recently stated on Reddit that he is tossing around ideas about what can be done to balance out some of the weapon attachments stating that he wanted to “focus on improving the under performing and under used attachments.” He continued by stating that he wanted to give more weight to unmodified weapons by “offering the best balance of Recoil, Accuracy, and Stealth.” Below is a statement on each attachment and whether it will be nerfed or buffed and how the devs at DICE feel each one should be used.

    Foregrip (Nerfed)

    The forgrip’s purpose is to reduce vertical recoil by 34% while giving a -20% penalty to base accuracy while aimed down sight. Generally, it should be used for close quarter situations when firing from the hip would me much more beneficial.

    Bipod (Buffed)

    The Bipod is meant for players who want to take the time to set up in a good position and defend said position or objective. It will reduce horizontal and vertical recoil (percentage depending on the weapon) as well as bullet dispersion (again, depending on the weapon and ammo type).

    Suppressor (Slightly Nerfed)

    The Suppressor’s main function is to provide stealth (keeping the player from showing up on the minimap when firing as well as reduce sound and visual muzzle signature) as well as provide an additional 25% accuracy bonus when aiming down sight including a 10% reduction in vertical recoil, due to it’s weight. However, the drawback here will be a reduction in minimum and maximum range (not damage) as well as a -50% penalty to base accuracy when firing from the hip.

    Heavy Barrel (Greatly Buffed)

    The Heavy Barrel will allow players to increase their maximum range (not damage) as well as benefit from a 50% bonus to base accuracy when aimed down sight. However, due to the barrel’s weight, it will make firing from the hip -25% less accurate as well as increase the dispersion per shot by 25%.

    Flash Suppressor (Greatly Buffed)
    The Flash Suppressor will give players some of the benefits of the suppressor but without as many penalties. It will only provide players with a reduction in visual muzzle signature as well as a 20& reduction in vertical recoil. The penalty here will be a -20% decrease in base accuracy when firing from the hip.

    Target Pointer (Unchanged)
    The Target Pointer will greatly benefit those firing from the hip by providing a 33% increase in base accuracy. On top of this, it will still be able to slightly blind opponents but will also give away the players position more easily.
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    Those seem like good changes.
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