Thread: EA Praises COD Elite.. Says It Would Be Great For BF3. WUT ??

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  1. #1 EA Praises COD Elite.. Says It Would Be Great For BF3. WUT ?? 
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    One of the many ways that BF3 players have been able to "1up" themselves over MW3 players is that they don't have to pay $60 year for downloadable content. Well... That just might be about to change, as EA's John Riccitiello openly praised the subscription service when speaking to investors recently. In fact, big John actually welcomes the idea of such a service, even calling Bobby Kodick's move "a best in-class performance". WTF ?? Is EA gonna follow CoD's lead, and bring a subscription service to BF3 ? Say it ain't so John... Say it ain't so !

    Yet the pieces are already in place... The numbers are there as far as players go. The publisher just confirmed that 11 million copies of Battlefield 3 had been sold so far. But traditionally Battlefield hasn't seen a yearly release cycle like the CoD franchise, so it'll be hard to get players used to paying a yearly fee on top of the $59 they already coughed up for the game. Also, DICE will need to be on board with the move, and looking at their past, the developer isn't known for releasing small bits of content when it comes time to expand their titles.

    Still tho.. It's highly unlikely that EA will let an opportunity to profit from the popularity of Battlefield 3 pass them by, so don't be surprised if EA announces some type of Battlefield subscription in the near future. With Battlelog firmly in place, and one of the most dedicated communities around, the cornerstones are set for the publisher to move forward.

    So, are we gonna be paying a monthly fee for EVERY game we play ?? Let's see, for me that would include: BF3 $5/mo, D3 $5/mo, CS:GO $5/mo, Skyrim $5/mo... Ahhh, that's $240 per year !?!? I remember how Activision jokingly sold Elite when it came out:"This will cost you around $5 a month, something you probably spent on Starbucks this morning,”. Yeah... Right. Well, it looks like I won't be able to afford coffee anymore :\

    John Riccitiello's Thoughts

    Activision: Starbux ?
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