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    Well, I made a bit of a mistake when I initially pre-loaded BF4. I have Origin to save games to a 2TB Spindle drive in my machine as opposed to my much smaller Solid State drive. Now, the official solution to this problem is reinstall, but what if you don't want to go to all that trouble? This is an easy enough tip to do without reinstalling or re-downloading Battlefield 4.

    Note: I have not tried this on Windows 8 yet so I don't know if this will work. It will definitely work on Windows 7 Pro and Ultimate as I've used this command before. As always you're doing this at your own risk and I am in no way responsible if you manage to **** this up.

    Step 1: Close out of Battlefield 4 and Origin. You might also want to close out of everything else too, just to be safe.

    Step 2: In your Origin folder, move the directory "Battlefield 4" to your desired destination.

    Step 3: Open up an elevated command prompt (I'm assuming you know how to do this already, Google if you don't know)

    Step 4: from the command prompt type the following command:
    mklink /D "%path to battlefield 4%" "%Origin Directory%\Battlefield 4"
    Make sure you use the quotation marks around the actual path. You'll see what appears to be a shortcut to Battlefield 4 in your Origin directory.

    Step 5: Launch Battlefield 4 and enjoy the time you saved by not having to reinstall the game.
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    This worked but I did it the wrong way. ie - my game is on my slower g:\ drive spindle - and my C drive is my SSD. I reversed the order of the command. You have to find the link that was created - delete it and then recreate it if you did it the wrong way. Also BF4 will want to update after doing this - its a quick update so don't think its trying to download the whole game.
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