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    Corpus Christi did this first last year.. $500 fine not only for using your cell phone, but eating while driving. Now Austin has stepped up and banned cell phones, plus the use of "navigation devices, digital music players and other portable electronics will also become illegal".

    Corpus discovered that the number of cell phone related accidents actually increased after the ban. Why ? Because instead of holding the phone up where you could text and see the road, ppl are keeping the phone below the steering wheel or in their lap so they're not paying attention.

    As if they didn't have enough to do already, the Corpus Police now is pulling ppl over for using their phones rather than arrest ppl for serious crimes. The additional income they hoped to realize from busting those evil texting drivers now is going to adding more cops to the force.

    My question is, how do they prove you were actually texting while driving ? What if you simply had your phone in your hand ? Are they going to allow the cops to have access to your text messages ?? "Ahhh.... Excuse me 'maam; hand over your cell phone. What's your password ? I want to see if you were texting just now. "

    EDIT: Forgot to include a source; click here
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    They can't search your phone without a warrant so there is no "hand over your phone, I need to look though it." I do agree something needs to be done but it's pretty apparent that there is no simple solution to this. On average, I see far more retards driving with their phones out than I do drunk drivers. Just yesterday I was behind someone getting on I-10 (65 MPH speed limit) going about 35 on the entrance ramp. I immediately pass them up to get away from them and look over and they were on their damn phone. This is so common now. If anything, it's even made me a more alert as I'm constantly looking everywhere so I don't get hit by some asshat that can't wait until they stop to text "LOL".
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