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    Well, glad to be home again after a busy Dreamhack event. I think I had about 2 hours game time in total during the whole thing. Got interviewed at least 10 times by companies and magazines.

    I did win the case mod contest there and got some cool gear. I even won a DXRacer chair and managed to get it home safely.

    Nvidia loved my case mods and will be sending me a free GTX 1080 video card for winning the case mod contest. They asked if I would be interested in doing one of the Nvidia GeForce Garage videos at their studio in California. They will be contacting me with more information. They also asked if I would like to be one of the first people to do a quad-1080 build. Not sure if they were joking or not.

    Talked with Corsair and they actually want me to send my other case mod (Toxic Envi) to their headquarters in California for a photo shoot and marketing campaign. They will be paying for all shipping costs and will even be upgrading some of the gear for free. They are also interested in fully sponsoring me for another build.

    I found out that Intel asked for the name of the contest winner and will be contacting me about something. I heard they might want to send me and the case to Las Vegas for an event. Not too sure yet.

    Talked with the Dreamhack CEO and he stated that the event will be double or triple the size next year. This was their first foray into North America and they wanted this event small to gauge interest. They want to smash QuakeCon's attendance record next year and claim the title for Largest LAN event in North America. This year attendance was over 8,000 and next year they are looking for over 18,000. The BYOC this year was 2,000 and next year they are planning around 5,000. There should be a lot more hardware and sofware companies present also. I know that Corsair, DXRacer and Intel had representatives there scoping it out for next year.

    Overall, an enjoyable time and I am looking forward to seeing what they bring next year.
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    Wow... This has to be the most impressive news coming out of DreamHack. I honestly had no idea you could reap these kinds of rewards for modding. But then again, your work is not like everybody else's.
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