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    First saw this on Guru3d and thought.. Maybe I'm not getting this right. Or maybe Myerson misspoke and MS would retract his statement. But now everybody's carrying this news so... I guess if I buy a new processor then I have to run Win 10 ? What Kind Of Nonsense IS THAT ???

    Yes, you need to read that line twice, let me rewrite it. Microsoft will force Windows 10 on all new PC hardware. The company has changed hardware requirements for supporting older versions of Windows, by only supporting new silicon on Windows 10 moving forward.

    Yeah, you heard right: You can't use Windows 7 nor 8.1 on Skylake CPUs or later—only Windows 10. There's a woolly, limited get-out-of-jail-free card for a brief period, but this is just the latest ludicrous Microsoft scheme to get you onto Windows 10. So much for the four years of support life that Windows 7 had last week. With no notice, older versions of Windows have lost support status on the latest PC hardware—your downgrade rights have effectively been ripped away.

    The old operating systems, at best, will lack the latest updates. At worst, they might not function properly at all.

    You could argue that iOS and Android have been giving away free upgrades for years, like when I buy my new S7, it will have Marshmallow on it. I'm excited about that... Why am I not excited about this ??


    Terry Myerson's Actual Blog


    The Verge

    Computer World


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    Well, not a problem for me but it will be a problem for businesses out there for sure. Not many are running Windows 10 yet just Win 7 Ent, smaller companies might be trying it out and testing but I would be interested to see how many large companies are running 10 on client laptops and desktops?

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