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    Guess it's not alarming to read that U.S. cable bills rose by a whopping 39 percent from 2011 to 2015. Anybody that has cable is reminded of that every month when the stupid bill comes in. And for what ? A zillion meaningless channels that nobody needs or watches ?? Cept maybe that one or two or... And what about Movies ? Time Warner has been showing "Die Hard" every night for 12 years straight. And how 'bout that long term contract with ATT or DirecTV? Is any of this worth it ? Or is it time to pull that jack outta the wall ??

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    You might be surprised to find out that Silicon Valley Tech Giants are going all-in for so-called “cord cutting,” as 65 percent of Internet users worldwide watched some type of streaming video-on-demand last month. They're scrambling to turn that wave of defectors from Cable TV into a tsunami...

    There are now 71 subscription and ad-supported streaming services available to U.S. households, up from 18 in 2010. 11 streaming services including Twitter’s Periscope, Amazon’s Twitch, Facebook Live, and more... Up from 3 in 2010.

    So tons of options... But what happens after you cut the cord ? Without Big Cable in your bedroom, what options are there ? Quite a few actually (link below), but there are downsides.

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    Cord Cutters may run into problems more often than traditional TV subscribers, like the streaming content provider may be experiencing issues. For example, this month, Netflix suffered a failure after the release of the new show “Luke Cage.” Or maybe your Wi-Fi connection is spotty, or your Internet provider may be experiencing issues. Tough to tell right ?

    And what about that huge savings ? Cutting the cord isn’t very cheap if you then subscribe to multiple services to gain access to a diverse set of content. For cable subscribers, paying one bill is less of a hassle than juggling multiple bills. And even after you subscribe to multiple streaming services, there's still some content that you may miss out on because it's available only via cable or satellite, like some TV shows or live sports events for instance.

    But isn't that why there are Sports Bars and Super Bowl Parties ?? For the last 40+ years, I've tried every single cable and satellite provider known to man (currently locked into a two-year DirecTV contract), and have had enough. Which is why I started researching this subject; we'd like to take back control over what we watch and save some $$$.

    SOURCE: The Definitive Guide to Cord Cutting in 2016

    SOURCE: Silicone Valley Goes "ALL IN"

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