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    For 2017, we installed an additional tap in the fridge so instead of one 16g keg (half barrel) like we did in 2016 (512 Pecan Porter), we could serve up two 8's (quarter barrels) with a both a light and dark offering.

    Although we had reserved two kegs in Rockport at a local liquor store (Blood and Honey / ZiegenBock), Eddie kept bringing these beer samples down from Red Horn Brewing in Austin which frankly, were beyond awesome. When we found out that he could get these flavors kegged, we made the decision to support the local craft beer guys and have Eddie/Paul bring the beer down to the coast.

    During the event, we floated the Dark Beer (House United Coffee Stout) and put a dent in the Light (Trail Runner Golden Ale). What was cool about that Stout was the 5.4% ABV. You could drink a lot of the stuff without getting gone.

    has been good to us... Really nice guys. We're thinking that we should simply have two of the Darker Offerings next year since most of us prefer a heavier flavor. Of course there will be plenty of Lagers in the fridge as usual for those who appreciate a lighter fare.

    We usually settle on a complete beer list about two months before the event, so stay tuned.

    Redhorn's Current Beer List
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