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    Look at all the FPS games these guys are hosting... aren't you guys the same company?

    Why would they let you exclude the two biggest games out there and risk total failure and wasted money?

    If it were me I would have the games that people play and that will bring in attendance.

    Now if the Austin Lan Fest was like this I would definitely come with a whole team to compete!

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    This is exactly why I choose not to do an CS:S tourney.

    We had plenty of FPS gamming - plenty of FPS tourneys and ALL of the attendees had a great time.

    Further; if this is the welcoming embrace you have choosen to show a new commer who had every intention of attending your events; I'll spend time doing something else.

    As to the flame war you guys have choosen to launch - I won't bite and won't come back.

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    Let's get something straight here right now..

    First day we meet, you spout off with how much you "hate CS players" and that you'd never allow "60-year old CS players" at your event. That was the first red flag. And honestly, we've been kind enough to not go off on that, which says a lot. Plus, we allow you to advertise your event in our Forum, and on our Facebook page, and you have the mitigated audacity to insist that you're not receiving a "welcoming embrace" ?

    Personally, I think you owe every CS player that's ever clicked a mouse a heartfelt apology. Especially "older" CS players. You have some kind of problem with dads playing with their sons, or their son-in-laws ?? Cause that's exactly what's happening here.

    Finally, the only reason we didn't sign up for your event is you didn't host CS:S, like every other Intel LAN does, as Jordan pointed out. And it's because of some personal problem you seem to have, which you've not even bothered to explain. We didn't come as "spectators" b/c you only allowed them into your event on "Saturday 8 to noon", and spectators were "not eligible for tournaments, activities, raffles or food".

    I dunno man... I wish you the best of luck with your future events, but I think it best for you not to advertise here, or on our Facebook page. Let's just leave it at that...

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