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    Im going to put my monster PC up for sale on ebay in the next few days.
    Dell Percision T7400 workstation.
    Dual, Xeon Quad core 2.5GHZ processors (8 cores)
    8GB RAM,
    4, 300GB SAS drives with a Perc 6 raid controller
    Cheapy Nvidia Quadro Vid card

    Its a great rig, but way to big and heavy for me to be hauling to LAN parties. Im getting old.

    Im going to post it on ebay with a starting bid of about $500.00 The hard drives are worth that alone.

    Im thinking of throwning in a Dell 690 with it for an extra $100.00
    Dual, Xeon Dual core processors
    4, 300GB SAS drives with a Perc 5 raid controller
    no ram, (i pulled it and added it to the T7400
    Cheapy Nvidia Quadro Vid card

    I will be getting rid of them for whatever I can get. If you are interested in any of them, let me know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by freqster View Post
    Im getting old.
    Dinosaurs roamed the Earth when I was born...
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