I'm blessed to be 36 years old, married to a wonderful wife with two beautiful children.  I currently work for an industry-leading national IT solutions provider as a Sr. Systems Engineer on the Data Center Practice team.   I hold a bachelors degree from Texas A&M Corpus Christi in Management Information Systems and I really do enjoy long walks on the beach.

I've been in the gaming scene since I was a kid with games like Doom, Wolfenstein and Diablo.  I primarily stuck with FPS games that had a competitive feel.  I didn't get into competitive online/LAN play until Quake multiplayer hit the scene, this was around 1997...  I was addicted to Action Quake, which then soon led into an obsession with Half-Life Counter-Strike and the Battlefield series.  I started a couple teams in CS and CS:Source that I took through CAL and other online leagues, made a lot of friends and had a ton of fun.  My Dad (Jason Powers aka InSaNeOldGuy) has always played games with me and been a part of the action.  We've been holding the PG LAN Tournaments for quite some time now and we strive every year to make it better.

You can catch me online most nights playing CS:GO or Battlegrounds.  Jump in our Discord server and have some fun !

- Jordan Powers