What a LAN! Fierce competition, great beer, and excellent food.  Another one for the books.

Pablo "YungRyder" Lopez

PG Event(s) Attended: 7

I again want to thank Jason, Jordo, and all the admins for their time/effort/expense that goes into each event. This was my 4th PG Lan event and I'm looking forward to the 5th.

Paul "Self-Inflicted Wound" Carrillo

PG Event(s) Attended: 10

I can't express how grateful I am to be included in this event again. Everything that could have improved from last year did so with no small thanks to the volunteers who put the hours in. Seriously well done to those that took the time to make it happen. It was great seeing everyone and I can't wait to participate next year.

Ryan "Basico" Kelsey

PG Event(s) Attended: 5

Wow. Seriously. Being my first time coming to this event and meeting everyone I really didn't know what to expect - usually the LANs I go to are mostly unorganized with a slice file sharing and dash of sporadic gaming - you guys seriously have a schedule down and keep to it and it was awesome. This goes down in the memory banks as top event of the year. Jason and Jordo, it was a pleasure, thanks for transforming a house so much that its totally geared for this, simply breathtaking. Oh and compliments to the FLAMING BURGER Chef of doom. Food was excellent - not just the burgers of fire...

James "pylorns" Foster

PG Event(s) Attended: 10

Jason and Jordan,
Thanks had an absolute blast. My only regret is that it passed so quickly. Is it next Memorial Day yet ? ūüėÜ

Roy "Maxdamage" Zeman

PG Event(s) Attended: 16

First time we've ever sponsored a "LAN Tournament" before, but it turned out to be one of the most exciting events I've ever been associated with. The Powers family was awesome to work with; I greatly appreciate you guys staying on schedule. Everybody I met at the LAN was very nice and respectful. Count Zpizza Austin in for the next one !

Regina "Gina" Brooks

PG Event(s) Attended: 13

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the BF4 tourney. Super entertaining to see Ryan's team take that win.  Seriously, this is probably the best LAN event I've ever been to.

Jacob "TrickMonkey" Leggett

PG Event(s) Attended: 5

The LAN was great- as always! It's always great to hang out with old friends while meeting new people in a drunken environment of pure gaming! Thanks Jason & Jordo for putting together another great LAN!!! BALLS DEEP!!!

Jeff "Keystone" Corvin

PG Event(s) Attended: 18

My first PG LAN and definitely not my last. This LAN definitely takes the cake from other LANs out there. I had a blast and appreciate everyone that helped and the Powers crew for hosting. Can't wait to do it again.

Kevin "KMess" Messenhimer

PG Event(s) Attended: 2

Hey guys, first off wanted to say thanks for an awesome LAN experience. This was actually my first LAN and I have to say it was awesome, I wish I had been going to more of these when I was younger. It was great meeting everyone and even though I really only knew Jordon and Jason going in to this I felt right at home with most everybody. You guys put on a great event, I was able to get some great competitive gaming done, eat some great food, drink myself under the table, talk about everything gaming to others and even watch some football and a movie. It really did feel like a gamers paradise and I can't wait for the next one.

Bill "Dionysus" Kernan

PG Event(s) Attended: 9

So, I'm watching in the Sports Bar and see somebody get trucked by an MLRS driven by DrunkBus... That was freaking hilarious.. I wish it was recorded. There was also a double knife kill by someone in that round. I saw a melee and machete kill in one swipe.

Jerry "rmpoon" Longbine

PG Event(s) Attended: 2

This year topped last year and I didn't even think that was possible. Had an amazing time and it was great seeing everyone again. There were some really great matches played and I still can't believe we brought our first CS:GO map back as much as we did even with the two losses due to technical issues. I had an immense amount of fun. Can't wait until next year.

Ryan "ryan3243" Nelson

PG Event(s) Attended: 4

Great LAN! It was great to meet everyone that I have been playing BF with for the last few months. I have been going to lans since 2001 and this one is at the top of my list. See you all at the Winter LAN.

Kyle "Neg1" Russell

PG Event(s) Attended: 7

Best lan party I have ever been to!!! Great people and food.... AND really fun teams (expect when you know who got that awp)

John "texanman" Ebersole

PG Event(s) Attended: 7

I'm sure everyone who was there agrees that we had a blast; the best lan party I have ever been to. The food was GREAT! The Games Were running perfect. Really balanced teams. We all have to thank Jason and Jordo for this. I can't begin to describe how much I'm thankful to you guys.

Gabriel "Nyagu" Corral

PG Event(s) Attended: 7

I had an amazing time, and I don't think any of us can stress how much we thank you two. It takes a special kind of guy to host 20+ guys at his house for a whole weekend straight, not to mention the extra out of pocket stuff you do for us. Your house has basically been re-designed solely to host for us, and that is just ridiculously cool of you. I look forward to any other chance I can get to hang with you guy and I look forward to coming back whenever I can.

Dane "Jaded Emperor" Dawson

PG Event(s) Attended: 4

I have been to tons of LAN parties, and this was by far the best. The food was great and everyone there was laid back, cool and fun to hang with. The thing that set this LAN apart was Jason, his house, and his hard work. Thanks to Jason we were all able to just "game out" while he did most of the cleaning, the food preparation, laundry, restocking the drinks, and just making sure that everything was in order. This was a blast and I am definitely planning on coming back next year.

Rhett "gentry1242" Eubanks

PG Event(s) Attended: 9

Jordo and Jason, Thank you guys for another great and memorable LAN party. The Battlefield launch party went great and I think I speak for everyone who attended, that it was a lot of fun. Some great memories were made, and many frags were achieved, you guys throw the best LAN parties and I can't wait for the January event. Thanks to you and the Admin staff for keeping the LAN going and ensuring everyone had fun and the event ran smoothly.

Blake "Praxis123" Bryant

PG Event(s) Attended: 11

Seriously kick ass lan. I give it a full 5 hat-trick rating.

Eric "alcuin" Ng

PG Event(s) Attended: 9

That was a very fun time. Awesome set up. Much food, many kills, lots fun... Wow.

Sean "GingerBear" Blaney

PG Event(s) Attended: 2

Amazing work as always. You guys put a lot of time and effort into making this thing great. No one else does it like you.

Ian "SpAceAce" Irving

PG Event(s) Attended: 9

This event was greatly appreciated! It was only my second PG LAN, but it only served to solidify my positive views of the event, its participants and especially the people who put it all together. From the location to the gaming to the food (especially Saturday night)... Everything was excellent and I enjoyed my time with everyone. I am proud to throw the PG up in front of my name... See y'all next time (and before then online)!

Jason "Major Yoohoo" Domel

PG Event(s) Attended: 4

Thanks Jason & Jordo! This LAN was by far the best LAN I have ever been too and a HUGE blessing for me. I've been needing something like this to just blow some steam and you guys enabled me to release my furry! hahaha... Everybody was really cool and I really enjoyed melting faces with you guys. I thought it was awesome how everybody was willing to pitch in and pull their own weight. Thanks to all the guys who helped out with food and all the small things that made this machine continue to work. It was a great opportunity for me to check out some of the top of the line rigs too. Anyways... thanks a lot guys!! Y'all made this an event to never forget!

Rod "kam3le0n" Bookout

PG Event(s) Attended: 1

Jason and Jordo,
AWESOME LAN Guys...... I know I had a blast as usual... and will be back again next time for sure!!!!

Scott "Big Scott" Harmon

PG Event(s) Attended: 3

Thank you for hosting such an excellent LAN. The environment was cheerful, fun, and exciting. Everyone was a great team player. The pizza and brownies were awesome, the bawls was awesome, and the network was fast. The house was nice and frosty, the energy never ceased. Everyone I met at this LAN had an awesome attitude. It's what kept me going after my machine decided to go fucking nuts, I'm still fixing that now -__-. I wish I could have been there to help tear down, but I had to leave with my ride Monday morning. Cheers to all the folks that dealt with my newb skills in both CS :S and Crysis. I knew I was going to be last pick, and I thought I was just going to be dealt with, but you guys actually involved me like any other player. This was one of the best weekends of the year, and by far, one of the best moments of my gaming events. Nothing could have been better.

Steve "Melkiah" Krohmer

PG Event(s) Attended: 4

Best weekend of my year, thanks Jason and Jordan

Micheal "sacredsarcasm" Nottingham

PG Event(s) Attended: 5

Great LAN. Looking forward to the next one.

Jacob "Crue Ondanet" Woode

PG Event(s) Attended: 1