Volunteering at the LAN

2018 will be our 20th year to host these events, and this particular event in December will be our 31st LAN Party.  But we can't do it alone...   As we strive to keep costs down, volunteering remains a core component of our events.  Listed below are some of the areas where we need assistance.  It could be as simple as emptying a trash can one morning; maybe help cook steaks one night...  We don't want you to work the entire time you're here; just know a little bit goes a long way, and is greatly appreciated.

Each year we assemble the "Sports Bar" from the ground up, and all of the tables and networking are installed inside the venue as well as outside.  Although we've been blessed with great help over the years, we're always looking for new people to join us.
Before and after meals, we need help setting up  beforehand and cleaning afterwards.  This entails wiping down tables, emptying the trash cans...  All food items need to be taken back to the kitchen for storage and/or washing.
Since most of our meals are cooked on site, we're always grateful for help in the kitchen.  We're not looking for Wolfgang Puck; just somebody that can wield a sharp knife (provided) and knows the difference between a tablespoon and a teaspoon.
Recycle and Trash
We have empty Bawls boxes placed around the event to dispose of bottles.  If you happen to see a full box, take it out back and place it on our scaffolding.  Same thing with trash cans...   Pretty simple really.
Admin Assistance
Before the event starts, we can always use a few extra hands to pass out Welcome Packages, identify seat locations, assist with parking, help unload computers, etc.
Tear Down
After the event, what went up, must come down.  We actually dismantle the Sports Bar, all the networking cabling, tables and shelves, etc. for storage until the next event.

Thank you in advance for offering to help !  We want everybody to enjoy themselves at our events; just looking for a little help here and there.  If you're that person, let us know by using the "Contact" tab above, or simply mention it when you arrive at the event.

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